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For a long time, people have separated the world of business, considered serious, from the artistic world, judged rather fantastic ... Today neuroscience studies show that visualization and imagination have their place in business. Both in innovation and in the evolution of behavior. Creative approaches favour emotional communication and group cohesion.

Valf Prod emerged from this observation: the reunification of the left brain (of logic and effort), and of the right brain (of creativity and emotion), is a process that leads to endless solutions which trigger action and the satisfaction of people!

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Coaching and Training: the GPS of your motivation!

Qu’est-ce que la Réussite pour vous ? What is Success for you? Happiness ? The performance ? The Right Balance between work and private life? These definitions of Success and Well-being are yours and belong to you! As a result, you only know what you would like to improve, learn, discover, experiment, which can finally reassure you and give you full confidence in yourself, even if your entourage and your business card shows that you already have plenty of skills and maybe even qualifications ...…

Motivation does the Rest! Once you know where you want to go and have the tools to g. So there is a Smile is on your face and each morning is one step closer to achieving Your Goal because Doubt no longer exists in you. And you know you're going to get there !

Coaching allows you to find out what makes you feel good and to be aware of your previously untapped potential in a confidential space where the private person rubs with the professional person, because we all know that the two are intimately linked and interdependent.

As for the training, only tailor-made and intra-company, they allow to combine learning with team cohesion training for dynamic managers, because it is in the pleasure of anecdotes and joint workshops that anchor The emotions of "things" to remember !

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